Frequently Asked Questions

Who can sing in the Southern Oregon Sound Chorus?
Women of all ages who love to sing!

Why sing in a Sweet Adelines Chorus?
It's a great opportunity to improve singing skills, make new friends, share a new
hobby, perform for our community and test our skills at annual competition.

Do I have to be an accomplished singer to participate?
Absolutely not - if you can carry a tune and love to sing, we'll teach you the rest.

Do I have to know how to read music?
No - many of our members don't read music - we provide CDs to help you learn your part.

What if I can’t sing with vibrato?
Not a problem - the barbershop style of music does not use the vibrato technique.

What if I naturally sing with vibrato?
Our vocal exercises will help you learn to control your vibrato.

I can’t sing very high (soprano). Is there a place for me?
Boy do we ever have a place for you!  The barbershop style of music utilizes the lower female
voice ranges (baritone and bass).  The more, the merrier!

What is “Barbershop Style”?
"Barbershop style" simply means "very close harmony" - it's four-part, a capella harmony in a style that
puts goose bumps on your arms and brings a smile to your face when you hear it.

Do I have to sing in a quartet?
No, there is no requirement to sing in a quartet.

What about costumes. Do I have to know how to sew?
No - though we do make many of our costumes, our members who sew are willing to help.